5 ways to decorate with farmhouse lanterns

Farmhouse lanterns are simple, but elegant decorative pieces that add cozy warmth and beauty to your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

While lanterns can create a statement on their own, taking time to add candles, flowers, keepsakes, or items with a seasonal theme can take your farmhouse décor to the next level. Options abound, and you’re only limited by your creativity.

To get you started, here are five easy ways to incorporate lanterns into your home décor.

A vessel for candles or florals

Because lanterns were made to provide light, candles are the most obvious decorative choice. Whether it’s pillar candles or votives, real candles or LED-powered flames, this is a way to create instant ambiance in your room.

You can place the lanterns on a coffee table, side table, fireplace ledge or even the floor. Consider using two or three lanterns of varying sizes in the same space to add more visual appeal.

To add texture and a splash of color, fill your lanterns with floral décor. Prairie in Bloom – Omaha’s new home décor shopping experience – offers a variety of everyday greens, faux florals, and succulents that would work well in lanterns, especially for spring.

Wall sconces

Attach a pair of lanterns to the wall and, voila, you have striking wall scones.

Be sure you have sturdy hooks and look for the best place in the room for your sconces – perhaps on each side of a large mirror or piece of art or flank the fireplace. For another layer of farmhouse style, fasten two wood brackets to a wall and add hooks and lanterns.

Put a votive candle in each lamp or a pillar candle if the lanterns are particularly tall.

Keep in mind that sconces typically are installed 66 to 72 inches above floor level, although they can be higher if you have vaulted ceilings.

Seasonal centerpiece

As seasons change and holidays come and go, use a large lantern or a group of smaller lanterns for a table centerpiece. Fill them with items to match the season.

Of course, florals are perfect for spring and an ocean- or nautical-theme would be fun for summer. Try tiny pumpkins or gourds for fall and fairy lights for winter or special occasions.

Change the look to coincide with holidays. Have fun with Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas, when you can use ornaments or pine cones to fill the inside and sprays of pine, red holly berries, and a holiday bow for the top.

Outdoor accents

Lanterns can be used for outdoor décor, as well. Be sure you choose lanterns that are weatherproof and place them for decorative and functional use on your porch or deck or to enhance the look of your front door or entryway.

Choose small lanterns with intricate metal work and line your outdoor stairs or walkway – without obstructing the path, of course. Not only will the lanterns light the way for guests, but they will cast light and shadows for a stunning view.

Keepsake container

Finally, use lanterns as a container for keepsakes – your bridal bouquet, seashells, and sand from a favorite vacation spot, items to remember a loved one, baby shoes, or other mementoes and memorabilia.

Remember, if you need inspiration for your farmhouse décor, our in-store interior designers at Prairie in Bloom offer personal assistance and share their expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask!