8 Spring Florals to Welcome a New Season

Nothing spruces up your home and says “hello spring” more than bright, luminous florals. Whether you put a vase of daffodils in your kitchen, a container of pansies in your home office, or a bouquet of tulips on your nightstand, spring florals are an easy way to brighten up any space – not to mention your mood.

We specialize in realistic faux floral décor at Prairie in Bloom and here are eight of our favorite spring flowers.

1 Tulips – The tulip is the quintessential spring flower, with a wide range of colors to brighten up any room in your home. Their signature shape and colorful blooms will fit with any home design style and will always look just right in your space. At Prairie in Bloom, choose from 3-stem, 6-stem, 7-stem, and 9-stem bouquets or consider this lovely arrangement of red tulips in banded jars.

2 Daisies – While the daisy might seem like an ordinary flower, it comes in a wide range of colors – not just the familiar white petals surrounding a yellow disk. Whether they’re white, yellow, orange, pink, or burgundy, daisies will add a carefree and cheery vibe to your home. These daisies would look great alone in a vase or mixed with other florals in a bouquet or centerpiece.

3 Peonies – Gorgeous blossoms in a variety of springtime colors – pink, red, white, yellow – make peonies a popular choice for spring arrangements. They’d be a perfect addition to your kitchen counter or in your foyer. Wherever you place peonies, they’re sure to make your visitors smile. This dark pink peony arrangement is one of our favorites for spring.

4 Anemones – Part of the buttercup family, anemones feature petals with bold hues. Also known as windflowers, these flowers are spring showstoppers. Pair purple anemone stems with a grass stem, like in the arrangement shown at the top of the page. The orange anemones below are bright and beautiful. They pair well with this wire-covered glass vase – or with many other containers to suit your taste.

5 Daffodils – Bursting with personality, daffodils add a lovely touch to any space. The ultimate symbol to the start of spring, these bright yellow petals with a trumpet-shaped center reflect a sunny disposition. We suggest using daffodils in a simple bouquet or consider laying the stems in an oblong dough bowl.

6 Pansies – This spring classic is a popular choice in many homes and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Pansies are sure to boost your mood and will look great in a bouquet, basket, planter, or other unique container.

7 Lilacs – Lilacs are captivating with delicate purple petals and green heart-shaped leaves. While our faux version can’t conjure up the lilac’s signature scent, it will look even better than the real thing – and it will last much longer, too!

8 Hydrangeas – Add whimsy to your space with a hydrangea arrangement. While their big, lush blooms come in a variety of beautiful colors, including pink and blue hues, we love this cream hydrangea bush as the perfect transition into spring and summer.

Wide Selection of Spring Faux Florals

Visit Prairie in Bloom’s retail store in Omaha, Nebraska, for the latest selection of faux florals for spring – or get a head start on summer. If you can’t make it to the store, we’ve got a wide range of spring and summer florals in our online shop. Pair with your favorite containers and your home will look and feel like springtime.