Add Rustic Charm with Church Windows

The combination of distressed wood and the character of church-style windows creates a quintessential farmhouse element for your home.

Whether you call them church windows, chapel windows or cathedral windows, these home décor items provide a striking statement no matter where you choose to display them – and also convey the kind of rustic charm that will complement your farmhouse style.

What’s more, while they will look beautiful as a standalone piece, you can also work your DIY magic to create a more personal design that can be both aesthetic and functional.

Here are some ideas for incorporating church windows into your home design.

Wall Art

If you have a bare wall in need of art, especially a large wall, consider a panel of arched church windows for a stunning transformation. If you don’t have room for a gallery art piece, a single window frame would bring life to a small space, entryway or foyer.

Depending on the window frame’s design, you could add a special family photo or a collection of photos under glass for a unique picture frame. Savvy do-it-yourselfers could turn the window into a decorative mirror.

Wreath Display

One of the most common uses of chapel windows is to display a wreath or candle ring – and this is an easy project. You can attach the greenery using a wreath hanger or ribbon. If you don’t want hooks or hangers to be visible, use metal hook eye screws and fishing line or floral wire. Your church window wreath display can be placed anywhere in your home – on the wall, standing in a corner, or as an anchor piece on the fireplace mantel.

In terms of the greenery, you have a variety of options, including magnolia, eucalyptus, boxwood, tea leaf, wisteria and more. Browse our collection of wreaths and candle rings in Prairie in Bloom’s online shop here.

Wall Planter or Shelf

Use your window as a dramatic backdrop for a shelf. Or build a window box or planter box on the bottom of the window for greenery, florals, or other displays that you can change out as the seasons change.

If you’re not the DIY type, we’ve got you covered. Consider this Wooden Wall Planter at Prairie in Bloom (photo below), available to purchase online. The metal planter is already built into the wooden church window. While the greenery is not included with this item, we can help you find the perfect everyday greens to pair with this piece.

Faux Headboard

Use multiple wooden church windows to create a faux headboard in your bedroom or guest room. It would be a charming and elegant addition to your space.

Outdoor Décor

You can also use church windows to decorate the outdoors. Lean one against the house and add hooks to hold flower pots. Or place one in the garden and let plants grow around the frame.

Shop Online for Church Windows at Prairie in Bloom

If you want to add repurposed church windows to your farmhouse décor, browse Prairie in Bloom’s online store. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or want some inspiration from our designers, reach out to us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!