Benefits of Using Soy Wax Candles in Holiday – and Everyday – Décor

If you haven’t switched from paraffin candles to soy wax candles, now’s the time!

Not only are soy wax candles a non-toxic alternative to paraffin wax candles, but they last longer and burn cooler. They’re also naturally biodegradable, which means spills can be cleaned up with just soap and water.

Health Benefits of Soy vs. Paraffin Wax

First, let’s look at the health benefits of ditching your paraffin candles.

Paraffin candles are harmful to your health. They’re made from petroleum and release petro-carbon soot that contains nearly a dozen toxins, including two that are known carcinogens. The Environmental Protection Agency says that paraffin wax is a leading cause of indoor pollution and can cause respiratory issues, with complications that are particularly harmful to kids, the elderly, and those who have asthma.

Soy candles are a much healthier option. The wax used in soy candles produces very little soot as the candle burns – as much as 90% less than paraffin wax. The vegetable wax made from soybean oil is a natural and renewable source grown by farmers. It’s less toxic, cleaner-burning, and eco-friendly.

Other Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

If replacing paraffin candles with soy wax candles for your health isn’t reason enough, here are other advantages of making the switch.

Soy candles:
• Are safer.
• Last longer.
• Burn cooler.
• Won’t ruin your walls.
• Are easier to clean up.
• Benefit American farmers – including those right here in Nebraska!

At Prairie in Bloom, we offer our customers the Prairie Girl soy candle line, with candles handmade in Benkelman, Nebraska. They hand pour the 100% American soy wax in small batches using phthalate-free, premium fragrance oils, cotton wicks, and glass jars. Bonus: They smell amazing and give your home the nostalgic feel of the prairie farmstead.

Using Soy Candles During the Holidays

Candles add warmth and ambiance any time of year, but especially during the holidays with seasonal scents of the crisp outdoors and aromas that will remind you of your grandma’s kitchen. Those holiday smells will put you in a festive mood and make your home feel like Christmas.

Leading up to the holidays, Prairie in Bloom is offering Prairie Girl scents designed specifically for the season. When you come into our Omaha store to browse our Christmas home décor, be sure to stop at the Prairie Girl candle section for these fragrant aromas:

• Juniper & Pear – Mysterious and woodsy with notes of juniper, cedar, and hints of rustic fall pear and berries.

• Orange Cranberry – Tart cranberries and orange slices are surrounded by hints of crushed cloves and ground cinnamon.

• Joy – A joyful holiday blend of tart cranberries, winter berry, spicy cinnamon bark, forest cedar and woods.

• Noel – The world’s most perfect Christmas scent: holiday cider, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, lovely notes of fresh ground allspice, dried apple peel, and hints of balsam.

• Colorado Spruce – Crisp greens and herbal notes become intertwined with the outdoor scent of spruce boughs, oak moss, and cedar.

• Heartland Holiday – A festive mix of oranges, cinnamon sticks and clove, with hints of cedar, fresh cut pine, boughs of balsam with a base note of dried holiday fruits.

• Cranberry Cider – A warm and cozy scent of juicy, tart cranberries simmered with spiced apples, and fresh orange peel.

• Fireside Cinnamon – A warm and cozy scent of cinnamon and clove mingled with notes of crackling embers and creamy vanilla.

Consider Soy Wax Melts, Too!

We also recommend using soy wax melts as a flame-free alternative. These scented pieces of wax without a wick are slowly warmed using a tart or wax warmer to release the aroma. Prairie in Bloom offers wax melts in the same holiday scents as our soy candles.

Get in the Holiday Spirit at Prairie in Bloom

In addition to our soy candles and melts, which are also available in our online store, we have an abundance of Christmas décor merchandise that will add the perfect seasonal touches to your home. We have everything you need to deck the halls in style – and you’ll likely find a Christmas gift or two while you’re here!