Bring Life to Any Room with Succulents

If you don’t have a green thumb, succulents are the perfect type of plant for your home or office. And when you create a succulent arrangement, complete with a cute container, they’ll liven up any room this spring.

Why Are Succulents a Popular Choice in Home Décor?

First, succulents are low maintenance. But the best reason to choose succulents for your home or office décor is that they’re beautiful plants that can be paired with containers that bring out your unique personality and style.

A variety of green, red, purple, and orange tones are available, as well as a variety of textures and shapes, and your succulents can easily be matched with other everyday greens, such as wheat grass.

Their vibrant hues will be a perfect transition from winter to spring and you can put the arrangements anywhere in your home – the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living area. Smaller arrangements are great to brighten an office space because they don’t take up much space and don’t require a lot of care.

How to Care for Your Succulents

While succulents are easy to maintain, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Plant them in soil that drains, such as cactus soil, or add sand, pumice, or perlite to regular potting soil. And be sure your container has a drainage hole.

• Give succulents about six hours of sun per day and rotate them frequently so it’s not just one side getting sunlight.

• Water the soil directly, not with a spray bottle, and be careful not to overwater the plants. Let the soil dry between waterings. If you still don’t think you can keep succulents alive, we have a solution for you: faux succulents. You can enjoy their beauty without the upkeep – and the selection we have at Prairie in Bloom look natural!

Tips for Creating Succulent Arrangements

Consider colors when putting an arrangement together. A good rule of thumb is to avoid mixing lighter, dusty colors with brighter succulents because you don’t want the dusty-colored plants to look fake.

To add dimension to an arrangement, use one larger or taller succulent as the focal point and use smaller varieties as fillers, and if you want, plant some succulents so they’re hanging over the edge of your pot. Also consider adding other greenery to finish the look.

If you want a smaller arrangement for a bathroom or your desk at work, you can choose a smaller container with a single succulent.

Find Containers that Fit Your Style and Personality

A small bucket or antique wooden box are perfect containers for succulents to thrive. But there are all kinds of containers to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that fits your design style and your personality. If you love dogs, for instance, these cute planters are perfect:

Again, a drainage hole at the bottom of your container is important because succulents won’t thrive sitting in wet soil. Also keep in mind that your succulents will take the shape of your container, so choose a size that will encourage or discourage growth, depending on your preference.

Create Arrangements at Our Succulent Bar

At Prairie in Bloom Marketplace, your home décor store in Omaha for one-of-a-kind finds, we have a succulent bar where you can design your own arrangement.

Of course, our talented designers are more than willing to offer their expertise and help you choose the succulents, complementary greenery, and containers that will make a perfect addition to the décor in your home.