Choose These Hues for Spring Floral Décor

Now that we’re out of the winter doldrums, let’s get excited about spring!

There’s no better place to start than by freshening up your home or office with spring florals. Brighten up your dining table, kitchen counter, windowsill, bedside table, foyer table, shelf or mantlepiece – virtually any place in the house – with a beautiful floral arrangement.

At Prairie in Bloom , you can choose from a wide variety of realistic-looking faux florals for your spring arrangements. We offer a mix of everyday greens and stemmed florals with vibrant colors.

Among popular spring flowers are amaryllis, anemone, carnation, dahlia, freesia, gerbera daisy, heather, hyacinth, orchid, peony, rose, sweet pea, tulip, and zinnia.

Spring Floral Colors

Among our favorite hues for spring:


From left are pink peonies, blush hydrangeas with eucalyptus, and light pink black-eyed Susans. Other pink flowers are carnations, zinnias, tulips and begonias.


Below is a beautiful lavender mix. Other purple options are lilacs, orchids, irises, freesia, anemones, heather, and hyacinth.


Pale blue hydrangeas, below, are among our favorite blue blossoms. Other flowers with this peaceful hue are blue delphiniums, morning glories and sweet peas.

But don’t think you’re limited to pinks, purples and blues. In springtime, you also can’t go wrong with yellows (daffodils, cosmos and sunflowers), reds (dahlias, poppies and gerbera daisies), and whites (hydrangeas, roses and daisies).

Tulips are another great choice for spring – and they come in a variety of breathtaking colors.

The Meaning Behind Spring Colors

Now, for some fun facts. Here’s what our favorite spring colors mean:
·Blue – represents peace, openness and serenity
·Pink – represents grace, gentility and happiness
·Purple – represents dignity, pride and success
·Yellow – represents joy and lightheartedness
·Red – represents desire, strength and love
·White – represents innocence, humility and reverence

You can use those meanings to help choose the color of your florals. Want a peaceful vibe? Choose pale blue blooms. Looking for a more cheerful atmosphere? Brighten up your space with pinks and yellows.

Of course, if you just like the color purple or blue – that’s reason enough to choose those hues for your home or office!

Decorating with Spring Florals

Florals can’t stand on their own, so pair them with unique containers. For a farmhouse look, use rustic buckets, bottles, watering cans, jars, urns, and pitchers. You can also use trays and baskets for a different type of floral display.

At Prairie in Bloom, we even have quirky test tube arrangers, which work great for tulip stems.

Come visit our home décor store in Omaha or shop online and find the perfect items for floral arrangements that will brighten your space and your mood.

Hello, spring!