Create the Perfect Farmhouse Gallery Wall

If you have a wall in your home that looks empty or you want to infuse a little personality and warmth into your space, a gallery wall is a great option.

But where do you start?

First, it’s important to choose pieces that are personal and a reflection of you and your family. But beyond that, there are no set rules. Simply find items that you love, experiment with the layout, and sit back and enjoy your new space.

For a farmhouse design, here are some elements that would be perfect for a gallery wall:

Rustic Signs

Signs with home and family themes could be a centerpiece of your gallery wall. Words like “Gather,” “Blessed,” “Love” and “Thankful” are just some examples. This type of wall décor not only describes the feeling of your home but is a warm welcome for guests.

Here's an example.

Inspirational Quotes

We adore inspirational quotes – and they’re great addition to your gallery wall. We’re partial to this Bob Dylan lyric, but the options are endless, and you should find a quote that speaks to you.

If you’re newlyweds, this Song of Solomon verse about love could be the focal point of the gallery wall surrounded by wedding photos.

Block Letters

Consider big block letters, like the ones below, as an element for your wall. It could be just one letter, perhaps the first letter of your family name, or you could spell out something meaningful – hope, joy, love, farm, family, home – again, whatever makes sense for you.

Several types of farmhouse-style letters are available, from painted wood to galvanized metal.

Farm Animals

What says farmhouse more than farm animals? Find a vintage print or two featuring cows, pigs, goats, or chickens and work them into your wall design.

Here’s a sample.

Mirrors & Clocks

Mirrors and clocks are staples of farmhouse design, so it’s natural to include them as part of a gallery wall. Choose mirrors with rustic or distressed frames and wall clocks with a vintage vibe. Here’s a clock that we love.

Galvanized Metal & Wood

With farmhouse style, using elements that remind us of the prairie farmstead are key, and that includes reclaimed wood and repurposed galvanized metal. A windmill is the quintessential farmhouse décor item, reminiscent of simpler times. This half windmill would look great at the top of a gallery wall.

This painted wood Nebraska sign would be a charming addition and a nod to the prairie lifestyle.


Don’t limit your gallery wall to pieces of art. Consider adding in some greenery or florals for a splash of color and dimension. You could hang buckets filled with florals or greenery, one on each side of the gallery, like this piece:

Or consider a wreath as part of the display. You’ve got lots of options – eucalyptus, wisteria, boxwood, magnolia – and it could stand alone or be added to a church window or a tobacco basket, like this one.

Get Inspiration at Prairie in Bloom

Our talented team of designers at Prairie in Bloom can help you on your quest to build the perfect farmhouse gallery wall. Browse our Omaha store for inspiration and ask any of us for advice on what pieces to include and how to arrange them.

We’re here to help!