Here’s What Your Farmhouse Kitchen Needs This Summer

The kitchen is the heart of your home and where you spend much of your time with your family and guests. The kitchen is especially busy this time of year, so make it a summer sensation with a few farmhouse accessories.

Walk the aisles of our Omaha store or browse through the kitchen and bath section of our online store to find hundreds of items to spruce up your kitchen counters, tables, and walls.

Here are a few ways to stock your kitchen with farmhouse favorites.

Glass Jars & Stoneware

Mason jars encased in wire, like the jars below, and stoneware pieces, like the berry bowls above, can be used throughout the kitchen for both function and decoration.

Vintage Signs

A true farmhouse kitchen isn’t complete without vintage signs. Rustic tin, distressed wood, and chalkboard all make great wall décor. Simple signs that hearken back to simpler times on the homestead, like the “Fresh Daily” sign below, or signs that say “fresh eggs,” or “farm fresh milk,” are perfect for your farmhouse kitchen.

One of our favorite whimsical signs for the kitchen says “Bacon is Duct Tape for the Kitchen.” Check that gem out here.

For summer, also consider wall décor with images of farm animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, etc., like these vegetable vintage prints.

Kitchen Accessories

Adding the right cutting board, coasters, measuring cups, salt and pepper shakers, or decorative figurines can add some life to the kitchen. These fun lemon-shaped measuring cups below will add some color and whimsy to your kitchen counters.

Pastel measuring cups and bowls, like these, are also great options for summer. Like many farmhouse accessories, they can be used for cooking and baking, and then displayed in full view as a decorative element when not in use.

Summertime Linens

Brighten up the kitchen table with a linen table runner, and swap out your pot holders, dish cloths and tea towels for versions that scream summer. This sunflower tea towel, below, is a great example and is perfect to hang from your oven.

Organizational Items

Choose quintessential farmhouse style materials, like galvanized metal, glass, wood, or wire, and use those pieces as a way to organize the items in your kitchen. Metal canisters and breadboxes, wire hanging baskets, wood carts, or metal containers can keep food, utensils, and tools in their proper places. This galvanized pail circle caddy, below, is a creative way to organize cooking utensils. It can also be a great table centerpiece filled with herbs and greens.

Bright Florals

Colorful florals mixed with everyday greens will immediately brighten up your space. Put florals in a rustic container, like the metal jug below, for that farmhouse flair. Consider peonies, daffodils, poppies, roses, lilacs, orchids, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and anemones.

Summer Scents

Once you have your essential kitchen accessories, add a candle or two with fresh, summer scents. The Prairie Girl soy candle line that we carry at Prairie in Bloom can make your kitchen smell amazing, For summer, consider Wild Poppies, Prairie Wildflowers, Watermelon Lemonade, Sugared Lemon, Strawberry Preserves, or Grapefruit Mimosa. The Amish Kitchen scent shown below is spicy, sweet and complex vanilla with notes of cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg and homespun sugar.

Your Farmhouse Kitchen Experts

Whether you shop in our store or online, the design experts at Prairie in Bloom can help you find the perfect accessories to make your kitchen your family’s favorite place to gather this summer.