How to Keep Your Home Cozy After the Holidays

You’ve packed away all the Christmas decorations and now the house feels a little empty. But it’s easy to keep the warm and cozy feeling of the holidays all winter long with these home décor tips.

Repurpose Your Christmas Décor

Some Christmas decorations can work throughout winter, but you may need to tone things down a bit. Keep the snowflakes, pinecones, and woodland creatures, but switch the bright green and red décor with neutral colors – whites, grays, and browns – for a feeling of warmth and calm.

For example, take a holiday wreath made of frosted eucalyptus and pinecones (put away the wreaths with red bows and berries!) and pair it with a tobacco basket for use as a winter centerpiece or to sit on an entryway table, side table, or mantle.

Focus on Cozy

Nothing says cozy like warm throws and plush pillows. Strategically place them around your living space so they’re easily accessible to you, your family, and guests.

Here’s some inspiration: These pillows are a wonderful combination of sophistication and comfort, and the neutral hues are perfect for this time of year.

Transition to Everyday Greens & Florals

You might not have your Christmas tree anymore, but you can keep the beauty of nature in your home year-round with everyday greens. Greenery can stand alone as a statement piece or be paired with faux florals.

White florals are a great choice for winter, like this arrangement.

But don’t be afraid to add a few pops of color to brighten your space. Succulent arrangements are another option for accent pieces – and you can design your own at Prairie in Bloom!

Use Metallic Elements

Metal is a staple of farmhouse design, and it’s easy to transition your holiday metallics to winter décor. Here’s one idea: Put an evergreen orb into a metal bucket, like this one featuring a snowflake pattern, for a simple update for the rest of the winter season.

Add a Warm Glow

You can’t go wrong with candles in any season, but in winter especially they add a beautiful warmth and scent to your home. Lanterns, too, are nice farmhouse-style accents that work well in the winter season and can be paired with candles, tea lights, or greenery.

Also, consider updating your table lamps to add to the rustic feel to your room. This pair of lamps with a painted-wood base offer a soft, warm glow and vintage style to complement the rest of your winter décor.

Add a Warm Glow

Finally, exchange your festive holiday signs with more general winter-related messages, like this one:

We’re Your Winter Décor Experts

If you need some more inspiration, we’re here for you!

Walk into our Prairie in Bloom store in Omaha and ask our talented designers for assistance. We love helping our customers find custom home décor pieces and floral arrangements that will add style and personality to your home while also making you feel peaceful and cozy all winter long!

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