How to Use Candle Rings in Your Holiday Decor

We know what you’re thinking.

Buy a candle ring, place a candle in the middle of it and, voila, you have a centerpiece! And, yes, that’s a perfectly valid, traditional use for a candle ring. But there are so many other ways to use this type of greenery in your home décor, especially during the holidays.


Use Your Imagination


Prairie in Bloom Marketplace in Omaha, Nebraska, is filled to the brim with Christmas pieces right now, from holiday wall art to festive ornaments to seasonal linens to gorgeous florals. When it comes to greenery, using wreaths and candle rings throughout your home is a perfect way to add holiday cheer.


You can use candle rings in a variety of ways – be imaginative! Simply hang it on a wall or on a doorknob as a mini wreath; place a Christmas item in the center, like the bird in the above photo, and add to your fireplace display; pair it with glass jars and candles for a shelf or as a centerpiece; or be whimsical and place it around the neck of a ceramic figurine such as a rooster, dog, cow, or other animal as a festive accessory.


Here are a few of our other favorite looks:

Pair With a Lantern

A new Christmas collection that we absolutely love this season includes 4- and 6-inch candle rings featuring a mix of frosted eucalyptus, frosted pine, birch branches, and red jingle bells as an object of interest. One idea for a more sophisticated display is to place the 6-inch candle ring inside of an open-faced lantern – one with no glass – and let it spill out of the lantern. Add a clear vessel in the center and finish it off with a small, colorful holiday sign like this:

Style Your Dough Bowls

It’s no secret that we adore dough bowls at Prairie in Bloom. A dough bowl is a versatile piece that can be used year-round as the base of an arrangement that can be styled differently as the seasons or holidays change. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Here’s an idea for a round dough bowl. Find a candle ring, like the iced long needle pine candle ring below. Place it in a round dough bowl with a favorite urn and you have the perfect foundation for designing a holiday masterpiece. You can also use milk bottles for a quintessential farmhouse look. Choose bottles of varying heights for added dimension.

Create a Statement Piece

Think beyond centerpieces and candle displays. Affix a candle ring, like the one featuring iced berries below, to a church window or put it in a picture frame to create a bold statement piece with a splash of color that will bring life to your home’s interior.

Keep it Natural

 If your home décor tends to trend a little on the more subtle side, choose something like the earthy delight candle ring shown below, featuring strong notes of pine and pinecones. Add simple wooden ornaments in the ring’s center for a natural, breathtaking piece.

Go Beyond Red and Green

Christmas doesn’t always have to be about the vibrant reds and greens. If you like shimmer and sheen, the platinum eucalyptus leaf candle ring below will bring elegance to any space. It would be a showstopper design to greet guests in the foyer or a gorgeous addition on your mantel. 


Shop for Candle Rings and Other Holiday Décor at Prairie in Bloom

Prairie in Bloom is your Christmas home décor headquarters. Whether you want to be creative with candle rings and wreaths or add other holiday décor items to your home this season, come browse the many displays in our store on the corner of 17th and Cuming in Omaha, Nebraska. You’ll be able to find some of our pieces in our online shop – but much, much more awaits you in the store! We can’t wait to see you.