Let Colors and Textures Define Your Autumn Décor

As summer starts to fade, it’s time to transition your home décor to fall.

What better way to welcome the season than decorating your home with autumn’s vibrant colors, along with farmhouse accents that bring natural elements indoors.

Fall Hues

Your fall décor should create a space that’s warm, comfortable, and cozy. When choosing colors for your home accessories, linens and florals, think about the hues you see in nature during the season – brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

This bittersweet accent ring is a beautiful example of using nature’s hues in your fall home décor.

Don’t overdo it, though. Neutrals – soft whites and earthy tones – add a warmth and sophistication and are the perfect complement to your more vivid pops of color.

Natural Elements

Bring natural elements into your space, including branches, pine cones, pears, cornstalks and dried wheat bundles. Not only does this add layers of texture, but also a rustic appeal that mirrors the season’s natural beauty.

As just one example, dried wheat bundles like the one below can be placed on a hearth or an entryway – or can be paired with a large lantern for an interesting display.

Pumpkins & Gourds

Of course, your fall décor wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins and gourds. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the traditional orange pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns associated with Halloween.

At Prairie in Bloom, we offer a wide selection of pumpkin and gourd figurines in a variety of colors and materials. Consider these gorgeous wool pumpkins available in neutral colors that will add a warm texture in your living space.

You could also choose wood or metal figurines that would be perfect on a front porch or by a fireplace. Have you seen our heavy, cast-iron pumpkins made of horseshoes? They are truly unique and the larger size can be paired with a beautiful, fall orb.

Rich Textures

Create warmth in your living room or family room with rich textures, including throw blankets like these for chilly fall nights. Throw pillows also are a must for fall. Consider cotton textured pillows, woven wool looped pillows, or plush pillows that add depth and coziness to your seating areas. 

Lighting is also important to add a warm, comforting feel to the room, and if it’s added texture you’re looking for, this piece is stunning.

Fall Florals

Options abound for transitioning from summer florals to autumn arrangements. Colors of fall florals range from the yellow of aspen leaves and sunflowers to the orange of harvest berries and bittersweet to the rich burgundy of hydrangeas, berries and red boxwood.

An accent ring or wreath can adorn your wall or entryway door, while stems, sprays, and orbs can be paired with farmhouse or vintage containers, trays, lanterns, or dough bowls.

These brick-colored sunflowers are gorgeous and pair nicely with white dairy bottles.

If you’re not sure how to put together the perfect arrangement, don’t worry. Ask one of our designers in our Omaha store or browse our Signature Design Kits in our online store.