Little Touches Add Big Style to Your Farmhouse Kitchen

So, you have the farmhouse sink, white cabinets, wood countertops, open shelves, and maybe even a barn door. Your décor is highlighted by neutral colors, natural materials, and industrial and antique elements.

But your farmhouse kitchen won’t be complete without a few rustic accessories – those little finishing touches that add style, warmth, and whimsy.

At Prairie in Bloom, we specialize in farmhouse style and our savvy designers love finding the perfect pieces that will make your kitchen the heart of your home, a place that family and guests want to gather. We’re sharing some of our favorite décor ideas here to get you started.

Kitchen Organization

While you want a beautiful kitchen, you also want it to be functional so you can cook with ease and find things when you need them. That’s where kitchen organization comes in. Mix style and function with containers, canisters, and utensil holders. For the farmhouse look, consider items with a farm animal theme or an antique, old-time feel.

For example, these farm animal canisters are adorable, the bread box offers some nostalgia, and the utensil holders are a mix of rustic and modern – and all three items have practical uses to help keep your countertops organized.

Cooking & Baking Tools

Incorporate farmhouse style into some of your cooking and baking tools, from potholders, oven mitts, and tea towels to items that help with your meal preparation. In addition to being useful, they’ll look great sitting on your counters or kitchen shelves.

You can’t go wrong with wood elements or white and pastel ceramic pieces. Examples include these measuring cups, colanders, and cutting board.

Vintage Wall Decor

Don’t forget your walls when you decorate your kitchen. Vintage wood and metal signs are great for farmhouse-style wall décor, and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from that will suit your style and personality.

Three of our favorites are these rustic, metal milk bottle signs, an inviting “Daily Fresh Bakery” sign, and charming framed prints using seed book images from the 1920s.

Whimsical Elements

Finally, incorporate a few whimsical elements into your design. These cheerful accessories will not only brighten up your kitchen but will be topics of conversation for your guests. Again, you won’t have a hard time finding items of whimsy at Prairie in Bloom!

These carrot bundles and farm animal magnets make us smile.

More Kitchen Farmhouse Décor Ideas

Browse the aisles of our Omaha, Nebraska store to see a wide selection of home décor options for your farmhouse kitchen. We have carefully curated our collections to ensure you find unique pieces. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our designers.

If you can’t make it in, check out the kitchen items in our online store. We’re sure you’re going to find something – or lots of things – that you love.