Tips for Decorating a Child's Room with Farmhouse Inspiration

Your child’s room should be a sanctuary, a place to find comfort, in addition to being a playroom, study room, and of course a place of peaceful slumber.

Whether you’re putting together a baby’s room or making updates to a bedroom for a toddler or adolescent, you can create a space that’s cozy, fun, and functional – and if you’re looking to extend your farmhouse style to your child’s room, we have lots of inspiration for you.

First, buy bedroom furniture with simple lines and avoid a style that your child will quickly outgrow. To keep with the farmhouse look, choose neutrals, especially for the walls, but don’t be afraid to add pops of color here and there.

If old enough, let your son or daughter have a say in at least some aspect of the room, from accent colors to accessories. It’s important that the space reflects their personality, so they’ll want to spend time there.

Farmhouse Finds for a Fun & Functional Space

Here are some of our favorite farmhouse décor ideas for a child’s room:

Storage Space

For a functional space, you’ll want to add plenty of storage for toys, books, games, and other items. Baskets, benches, coat racks, and book shelves are great ways to minimize clutter and create more space for your child to play.

For example, consider these small metal tubs for storage.

Learning & Fun

It’s important to create a space that’s not just for sleep, but an area that will promote learning, imagination, creativity and playfulness. Consider a reading nook or arts and crafts station. Choose accessories that will look great but also create some fun - for example, a letter board, a tic tac toe set, and decorative cast-iron jacks.

For a school-age child who has a desk in the room, don’t forget to add a quirky reading lamp, like this one:

Whimsical Walls

Get whimsical with your wall art and displays. Black and white signs with inspirational or cute quotes will help you carry out your farmhouse theme. Or consider this Dr. Seuss-inspired sign:

In addition to wall art, choose metal shelving like this, to display accessories or hold a planter.

Animals Rule

From wall décor to figurines, you can’t go wrong with animals. Décor items featuring llamas, hippos, and giraffes are sure to elicit smiles. Of course, you can’t go wrong with woodland creatures or barnyard animals, either.

Baby’s Room

If you’re decorating a baby’s room, it’s all about comfort and sweetness. Find blankets and pillows, like this, for quality snuggle time.

A sign like this would be perfect on the wall by the crib.

And don’t forget to stock up on cute burp cloths. Consider adding a wooden wall ladder to store/display them.

Shop for Your Child’s Room

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From linens and pillows to décor objects and figurines to wall art and storage, we think you’ll love our hand-picked selection – and we think your kids will, too!