What is Boho Style & Is It Right for My Home?

Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Prefer decorating your home with a range of objects, patterns, and textures rather than taking the minimalist approach? Drawn to bold designs with a global inspiration? 

Then, boho style is perfect for you.

What is Boho Style?

The boho style of home décor draws its name from bohemianism, an open-minded approach to interior design with no design rules to follow. But you don’t have to be a hippie from the 1960s and 1970s to incorporate boho style in your home.

Characteristics of Boho Style

Here are a few common characteristics of boho style:

Free-spirited and relaxed – Your design layout is less formal and you embrace asymmetry. Your choices of furniture, accent pieces, wall décor, lamps, and florals are nods to your free-spirited nature and create a relaxing, yet interesting, space where your guests feel welcome and comfortable. This glass jar with macrame fringe is just one example of boho style and the definition of free-spirited.

Bold patterns and colors You gain inspiration from global travels and are drawn to bold, varying patterns. Your color scheme can vary, but you particularly like earth tones and vibrant jewel tones. These metal embossed prints are a bold choice for your walls – totally boho! 

Varying textures Boho style is the opposite of minimalism. You like to incorporate a range of materials in your interior design, including natural materials and chunky knits. You enjoy finding unique objects and home accessories to decorate your space like this geometric wood bead garland in a natural wood color, wood dough bowl, and the textured grey bottles.

Antiques and vintage pieces You place decorative objects everywhere, including antiques and vintage pieces. Here’s a collection of pieces we recently featured at a Vintage Pop Up that would work well with boho style. Use your creativity to come up with interesting ways to use items like this that can be both functional and decorative.

Intimate lighting You’re not a fan of harsh overhead lighting. Instead, you prefer desk and table lamps for a more intimate feeling. These distressed pineapple lamps are perfect for accent lighting or task lighting and fit the boho style perfectly.

Plants and unique containers Plants and greenery are quintessential boho – such as succulents, leaf stems, wild grass, ferns, and wisteria bundles. Hanging succulents and vines are great choices, too. You like to pair your everyday greenery in unique containers, like this macrame plant hanger.

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